Simple tips for using images on your website

//Simple tips for using images on your website

Simple tips for using images on your website

Using images on your website or blog post is not as straightforward as it sounds. You need to make sure that the images you plan to use are the right ones and most importantly, have copyright requirements which you have met. The following post takes a look at some of the things you should consider before you decide to use any free image on your blog post or website.

Copyright infringement

Many people assume that any image on the Internet is free to use, a fact that is not true and in so many ways dangerous. All images on the Internet are owned and are copyright bonded. Thus, even if you use an image and decide to give credit to the owner and link to them, you may quickly end up paying hefty legal fines in case the original owner decides to use you for copyright infringement.

Location of quality images

There are many sites which offer free images. Some like Pixabay have a vast collection and allow one to easily navigate and identify the best options by merely using their search bar. Others like, Pexels and Stock Up allows you to use their images for personal or commercial use without asking for any attributions. For such sites, one can efficiently use their images freely because they are collected and released without copyright under the Creative Commons (CCo) license.

However, it ‘s exremely important to note that irrespective of where you find your photos, you should always learn and follow the specific terms and conditions of use. While some sites have their images registered by CCo alone, others have registered with many other bodies alongside CCo. Thus, if you are not sure or are in doubt about the licensing of a specific image, do some more research and get all the facts right.

How to provide proper attribution

The proper way of giving attribution depends typically on the image being used. While some images usually have no clear procedure of carrying out the process, some typically have a detailed laid down methods which have been developed by the owners. A standard option which you can use is defined below;

  • Provide the title of the image (be the same as the title provided, if not, avoid it)
  • Provide a source link to where the image exists online
  • Provide the authors’ name and if possible, link his page
  • Provide the license details of the image

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