Five benefits of using images in your blogs

//Five benefits of using images in your blogs

Five benefits of using images in your blogs

I have always insisted that every blog post needs to have at least two images, and I to the specific rule myself. Simply put, images generate interest in any content and in many different ways attract traffic.  Here are five hidden benefits of using images in your blog posts.

Images encourage social media interest and sharing

When you share new blog posts to different social networks like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, it is far more useful to include a high-quality image with your post, than just plain text. The fact that different social networks are becoming more visual should be enough to persuade you to add images in your posts and in the process achieve exponentially higher engagement levels.

Images easily support your point

The right image can quickly help you add real value and insight into your post. Even better, an image can promptly help you generate interest in the minds of your readers and make them think more about the points you are passing across and generally your blog posts. Needless to say, getting readers to stop and think is by far something every blogger hopes to do at all times.

Images can quickly help you introduce your message

The pictures you use in your blog post will be used as thumbnails on your website and social media, and they will be the first thing potential readers come across when searching for you online. If they are compelling enough, they will generate interest and convince the readers to try and find out more about you.

Images can quickly make your blog more memorable

This is where a high-quality image can help you and your blog post or website. While most of the images are not that attractive and rarely make an impact, there are a few options which can quickly help you attract interest and stick to your clients’ minds.

Images can quickly help you achieve an emotional connection

When it comes to blogging, the saying that an image is worth 1000 words is always correct. An excellent image can quickly convey a viral wave of emotional connections and meanings to interested readers. Ideally, if the topic of any of your blog post allows it, you should strive to pick and use an image that positively connects with your readers’ emotions. To do this, you must research and find out what your readers love to read and talk about.

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